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Welcome to Studio K Dance

Our vision is that students feel this space is a safe and constructive learning environment. Successful artists learn from his or her mistakes. Weaknesses are not always negative! It is our mission as the Faculty and Staff of Studio K Dance to reassure and guide each dancer in challenging moments.

Our mission is to mold students into coachable, respectful, classmates that are mentally tough, resilient and always trying their best. Classrooms are filled with future CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Mothers, Writers, Teachers and Artists.

We value to keep Studio K Dance a family friendly atmosphere. Children, including my own, walk through the doors of Studio K Dance for instruction in the performing arts. As children and young adults, they will always receive age-appropriate instruction. Be assured, as parents, that your child is safe in our care.

At Studio K Dance it is about more than just dance… it is about instilling the qualities that every child needs to succeed.

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